The Highs of Low-THC Product

The Highs of Low-THC Product

High THC products are all the rage in Massachusetts lately.  Many customers believe that the higher the THC levels, the better the product will be at getting them stoned. While higher-THC cannabis may seem like the best product to purchase, it may be that products with lower-THC are the best ones for you depending on the experience you are looking for. Products with lower-THC can provide a more balanced, enjoyable and controllable high that can really bloom through the “entourage effect” when combined with a hearty cannabinoid and terpene profile. Also,consuming high-potency cannabis can potentially lead to anxiety and paranoia, ruining your experience and greatly increasing your tolerance. Talk to our specialists to get more info on our menu and the goods that are right for you!


Higher-THC products aren’t best for every user. Imagine you and your friends are smoking a bowl or sharing a joint: some of your friends may enjoy the strain and others may not; some of them may feel upbeat while others feel more sedentary; some may become more social while others become more introverted and anxious.  You and your friends have experienced the same product rather differently, likely due to genes, metabolism and environmental factors.

While buyers typically look first at the class of plant (ex. sativa, indica, hybrid) in selecting product for a desired effect, cross-evaluation of THC levels is historically the method of making a final purchase decision. The Goods defines THC potency in flower using the following ranges:

LOW THC < 20%

HIGH THC ≥ 20%

Regular preference and purchasing of high-THC products, also known as “TAC-chasing”, usually leads the customer to purchasing the higher testing option due to perceived value and cost effectiveness. Because of this, you bought a rather high-testing product because you thought it’d be a hit, but now it’s left some of your friends less pleased and more uneased.

As potency increases, so do the chances of experiencing adverse side effects. Modern studies suggest that the likelihood of overstimulating your amygdala, a part of your brain that controls fear and anxiety, increases as a result of increased THC consumption. Frequent high-potency-product use can also greatly increase your tolerance as well as the chance of developing cannabis withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, mood changes and depression.

Lower-THC products can provide a better overall high and a better long-term cannabis-use experience

Many high-potency cannabis users will tell you that the difference in experience between genetically-different strains at equally-high THC-levels is minimal. In these strains, high levels of THC will get you stoned faster, but you lose some ability to discern effect given how stoned you are. Alternatively, those looking for a more holistic approach to consumption will look to lower-THC strains for attributes such as specific effect, flavor and terpene profile. Research has indicated that terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids, when metabolized along with THC, contribute to the “entourage effect”; this is a proposed mechanism by which chemicals in cannabis work synergistically to provide unique experiences strain-to-strain. With less THC in your system, there exists more balance between these compounds and this can produce a more nuanced experience. This is also why strains high in CBD are now also sought after by new and veteran users alike, as they can help produce more of a positive entourage effect while also reducing the risk of anxiety and paranoia.

Users who consume lower-THC products are also less likely to suffer from the mood and behavioral symptoms of cannabis withdrawal syndrome; as such, lower-THC products or ratio products (ex. CBD:THC @ 1:1 ratio or greater) are a great way to wean off cannabis if you’re a longtime user trying to take a break / reduce your tolerance.

Talk to your medical practitioner if you are concerned about the role THC can play in your individual mental health and wellness, and talk to our staff here at The Goods if you want further insight into our wide variety of products and strains.


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