Cannabasics @ The Goods

Cannabasics @ The Goods

Whether online or in-store, finding the right cannabis has never been easier than at The Goods. Each of our products has been carefully selected to provide options for every type of user, from starter to stoner. For new users however, we understand that trying to wade through the sea of choices and different categories can be overwhelming.

Here is a guide to the different classes of products you may see when shopping, as well as suggestions for what may be right for you:

Flower, also known as bud, can be found in a variety of forms. While normally sold in the form of an eighth (1/8th of an ounce; 3.5g), cannabis flower may be sold by the gram (1g) and sometimes in larger bulk amounts, such as quarters (7g) and half-ounces (14g). This material is also commonly rolled into pre-rolled joints to allow for portability and easier sharing with friends.

These products are consumed via inhalation, achieved by vaporizing products and/or smoking them as one would tobacco. The onset time for inhaled products is between 5 and 20 minutes, and the duration of effect can extend upwards of 3 hours, so it is the preferred method for those seeking immediate, impactful results.

In addition to flower, concentrates, which are produced via solvent-based extraction, are also usually consumed via inhalation. These products take the form of oils and solids of varied consistencies, and must be heated rapidly and thoroughly in order to properly use. While some users may top off the flower they are smoking with a form of concentrate, like bubble hash or kief, some others may choose to consume oil using vaporizers and cartridges, small vessels filled with distillate; this is the preferred method for those looking for discreet, portable consumption, as most vaporizer setups/batteries can fit on your person and most cartridges produce little vapor and negligible odor.

More advanced users may try dabbing, which is the process of superheating an amount of concentrate until it vaporizes and becomes inhalable; the concentrate products more often used for dabbing, such as badder, budder, live sugar/resin, and others are usually highly potent and require advanced accessories such as torches and rigs in order to properly use.

For those looking for a less-involved method of consumption, nothing is easier than oral consumption (eating/drinking), via the ever-popular edibles. These are marijuana-infused products (MIPs), ranging from confections such as gummies, chocolates, and candies, to beverages and even capsules and tablets. In Massachusetts, a standard edible dose is at maximum 5.5 mg of THC per serving, and although this may seem much less potent than some of the aforementioned types of products the experience can be much more extensive. When consumed orally, cannabis products such as edibles and other MIPs metabolize in the liver versus the bloodstream with inhalation. This results in a longer average time to onset (~45 minutes to 2 hours) as well as a longer average effect duration (~3-6 hours).

Tinctures are an interesting alternative to standard edibles, in that they are liquids taken sublingually via a dropper. While the average effect duration is akin to that of edibles, tinctures tend to hit faster (~15 to 30 minutes) due to being administered under the tongue and thus having a faster path through the mucus membrane to metabolism. Many tinctures are also formulated with a larger amount of CBD in them relative to other products / categories, so they can be great for intro users who are trying for a more functional, balanced, low-intensity high.

Finally, topicals are for those less interested in the psychoactive effects of cannabis and more in the therapeutic, relieving effects provided by some strains. These are lotions, balms, oils and other infused products that are applied to the skin to treat localized discomfort as the active ingredients are introduced into the bloodstream on a site-specific basis. Onset is usually felt within 1 hour and the average duration of effect can last anywhere from 3-to-4 hours. Similar to tinctures, products like these are typically rich in CBD and are produced using indica/hybrid strains rich in terpenes found to be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation, such as caryophyllene.

There are a wide variety of products and ways to consume them, but don’t be anxious…

Check out our website and our store in Davis Square, and we will make sure to get you The Goods that work best for you!

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